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Your Self-Realization: A Service to the World

"In Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world." - Sri Ramana Maharshi

Meet Oscar Carrillo, an international Yoga Teacher whose journey in yoga began in 2002. Over the past 18 years, he has immersed himself in various aspects of yoga practice while residing and teaching in Africa, Europe, and South America. Currently based in Frankfurt, Germany, Oscar continues to share his passion for yoga both locally and globally through his program, "EVOLUTION: Re-connect to Yourself".

"EVOLUTION: Re-connect to Yourself" offers seminars, workshops, and donation-based classes, making yoga accessible to all. For Oscar, this isn't just charity; it's a collective act of support and unity. In his classes, he infuses joy, spirituality, and realism, adapting the practice to the everyday circumstances of life.

Oscar's journey includes extensive training in Kundalini Yoga and meditation. He began over 17 years ago with renowned teachers in Espanola, New Mexico, and has since continued his studies in Europe and India. He explored "Kinderyoga" with Siri Gopal Kaur in Frankfurt and deepened his practice through Kundalini Yoga Teachers Training programs in France and India.

After years of mentoring students in Frankfurt and Africa, Oscar launched his own "Immersion" Teachers Training program, combining his wealth of knowledge and experience. He remains committed to his own growth, attending workshops and trainings worldwide, believing that true yoga is not just about hours of training or diplomas, but about self-experience and recognition.

Through his work, Oscar aims to share the powerful benefits of Multidimensional Yoga with people of all ages. From yoga and kriyas to pranayama and meditation, he invites others to discover the transformative potential within themselves.

Continuing the Journey:

Oscar's dedication to yoga extends beyond the classroom. He is a perpetual student, constantly seeking new insights and experiences to enrich his practice and teachings. Whether attending workshops, visiting ashrams, or connecting with fellow practitioners, Oscar embraces every opportunity to deepen his understanding of yoga and meditation.

Sharing Wisdom Globally:

While based in Frankfurt, Oscar's reach extends far beyond the city limits. Through online platforms and international collaborations, he shares his teachings with a global audience. From virtual workshops to collaborative projects with fellow yogis around the world, Oscar strives to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of geographic location.

Community and Connection:

Central to Oscar's teachings is the importance of community and connection. He believes that yoga is not just a solo practice, but a collective journey towards self-discovery and growth. Through group classes, retreats, and community events, Oscar fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where practitioners can come together to learn, grow, and inspire one another.

The Path Forward:

As Oscar continues on his journey, he remains dedicated to serving others and spreading the transformative power of yoga and meditation. With each class, workshop, and training program, he invites others to join him on the path of self-realization, one breath at a time.


Join Oscar on this journey of self-realization and service to the world, as we explore the depths of yoga and unlock the true essence of being.

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